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Gear review: Salomon Q105

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Length: 188cm
With: 136 105 128
Radius: 23,3 m

Mounting point: factory recommended (Salomon Guardian 16)

Days skied: 3 days mixed conditions, two days powder

Skier profile:
Length: 186 cm
Weight: 98 kg

If you can only buy one ski, this should be it. The new Q-line of ski’s from Salomon brings one of their successes of the Rocker line to the masses. Based on the Rocker2 115 of season 2012 / 2013 the Q-line has a Rockered tip and a early rise tail. If you are looking for a powder ski with an all mountain character, then this is the one you will find.

The Q-line has ski’s varying in with between 90, 98, 105 & 115. The ski’s have a more traditional shape, making the ski a little bit more directional then the Rocker2 line, but also better suited for snow that is firming up or hardpack conditions. We’ve tested the ski with 105 in with.

The main difference with the Rocker2 line is in the tail. If you like to ski switch, will mostly use the ski for powder and jibbing, you’re probably better off with the Rocker2 108. But do you want to have a ski that rips powder equally but can also hold it’s ground on the steeps and is more suitable for touring, a ski with more of an all mountain character, then you will love the Q105.

Tree skiing
Having a bit more flatter tail then the Rocker2 108, this Q 105 is a little less nimble then it’s cousin. But that shouldn’t be a showstopper. The ski performs very well and with the new honeycomb tip the ski can easily swing around. You will only have to work a little harder then with a fully rocketed ski. Same goes for moguls. A ski with full rocker will be more maneuverable, because the tail won’t get as much in the snow leaving a smaller part of the ski to turn, but the difference in performance won’t matter that much if you are really looking for more of a tour orientated ski.

The trend for powder skiing is fatter = better. And, considering my own size I tend to agree with that statement, the Q 105, with it’s with underfoot that makes it a slim ski compared to the powder slashers that are out there, performs good in deep snow. With my size I could still effortlessly ski snow up to 30 cm deep. Of course, for the deepest days after or during a fresh dump, I’d sooner opt for the Salomon Rocker 122, Atomic Bent Chentler or the Armada AK JJ. But still, if you only have this ski with you, I am confident that it will still perform.

This is where this ski really makes a difference. For a ski with a with of 105 it is very capable of charging on harder snow and even on fresh groomers. When it tends to get really icy you will have to put some more power in carving your turns, which the ski tends to do perfectly.
It’s hardpack performance is really where the ski makes a difference. Compared to other free ski orientated ski’s the Q 105 is really allround. It will get you to the lift if you free ride lift oriented and in combination with the guardian 16, which is a little heavy binding, it is also very suitable to take along as a tourski for short hikes or tours to powder stashes at a reasonable distance from the lifts.

If you like skiing powder, but also enjoy touring, if you have a good technique, if you are looking for a ski that can hold it’s ground between trees and between, if you are looking for a one-quiver? Then this is your ski!!
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