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Mayrhofen: party capital of the Zillertal

Austria, with it’s racing and party tradition is a destination that provides more then just nice descents! And Mayrhofen, one of it’s most visited villages in winter, is a village where you can find it all: fresh pow, fast and well maintained lifts, access to a big ski / snowboard area and many opportunities for après ski when the lifts are closed. Read all about Mayrhofen here @ Fresh Pow.

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Mayrhofen is a village that is located in the Zillertal. Here you can find more well known Austrian destinations like Gerlos, Hochfügen, Tux and Köningleiten. Because of this you have access to a massive ski area when you purchase the Superskipass.

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While Mayrhofen is, without question, the party hotspot of the Zillertal, Hochfügen is the place where you will be able to find the best lines.
Because of it’s geographic location Hochfügen will always catch a little more snow than the surrounding villages which also makes it very busy after a good dump. Because Mayrhofen is more of a family destination, you will be able to enjoy some fresh pow a little longer here then in Hochfügen.
Puchasing a mountain map in one of the bookstores might help you figuring out some good routes. Or just ask some of the locals there about the possibilities you can find in Mayrhofen area or book a guide.
When you do venture out into the backcountry in Mayrhofen. Be carefull for barb wire. Because this region isn’t expecting freeriders the farmers don’t remove the barbwire from fences. Which can cause a nasty injury if you get stuck in that.

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In Mayrhofen you won’t really encounter a lot of people with fat ski’s or snowboarders that venture further out then the sidecountry. But if you do want too meet some of those people out there who do, make a visit to the Greenroom in Mayrhofen. This shop is specialized in ‘freeski snowboard style’. In this shop you can rent safety equipment and powski’s or snowboards suited for powder. Once a week (friday) the local skischools also give a party in a club underneath the Green Room.

Bars & Clubs
In Mayrhofen you will find plenty of entertainment. A cool place to check out is the Scotland Yard Pub. This is a good bar to start your evening before you, later on, visit a few of the bigger clubs. When you are ready to continue a nice venue to continue your night is the Hara Kiri Bar. Here you will have a guaranteed good time until you are ready to go to sleep.

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If you are looking for an area with a lot of opportunities for freeriding, Mayrhofen is fairly limited compared to other freeride destinations in Austria like Kleinwalsertal or Sankt Anton. When you are looking for a village with a big recreational ski & snowboard area and a lot of options for partying then this is your destination.

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