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Powder Chasing Diaries – Gunning For White Gold

Go With the Odds

Here in the Alps just like everywhere else in the world, there are some places far more prone to massive and heavy snowfall than others. So, your best bet is to keep the closest eye possible on these above all others, rather than just going for the usual random approach that might see you missing out.


Anytime there’s nothing going on or you find yourself out and about, make friends with people who live or work in the areas you’re interested in. It might sound a bit immoral, but the more folk you know in resorts across the Alps, the more real-time weather reports you can dial in from anywhere! And of course, you’ll do the same for them, right?

Local Snow Reports

These can of course change in a matter of minutes, so if you’re really intent on finding the best of the best you need to be glued to them. The best thing to do therefore is get yourself a decent Android or iPhone app and keep close tabs on it, or just use local weather websites to see what’s coming and when while on the move. For instance. Use Salomon Powfinder to get live updates on where freshies can be found. Find it here for Android and here for iPhone / iPad.

Be Ready to Roll

The half-hour it takes you to pack your gear can make the difference between catching the storm of your life and coming home disappointed. As such, always keep a spare bag to one side with all the essentials you need, so that when you hear something you like the looks of is coming in, you’re ready to ship out in seconds.

Allow Excess Time
Try not to time it so you arrive right at the same time as the storm – we’re talking minutes that can make all the difference in the world. Instead, by such to get there are least a wee bit before the storm makes its presence known and you can then pick your time to hit it as you see fit.

Book your Airport Transfer
Whenever you are ready to leave, book your Alps2Alps ski transfer that will get you to your destination if you need to get in and out as quick as possible. Otherwise, you could waste the whole storm just looking for a bus going your way!

Ignore the Standard Forecast
Last up, remember that the storm reports you’re interested in here are totally, totally different from the standard regional or national weather reports. Not only are the latter usually inaccurate, but storm and snow reports change from one minute to the next so the standard forecast is usually pretty redundant on the whole.

Therefore. Always check sites like to check where the storms are most likely to hit. And before you go out, check the local avalanche report.

Bio: Alps2Alps is the flexible airport transfer provider for all your ski transfer needs. We cover all Alpine destinations and ski resorts with private and shared transfers from and to Geneva, Chambery, Lyon, Grenoble airports.


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