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Slopes: 350 km
Altitude: 1620m - 3899m
Backcountry: great
Difficulty: medium - expert
Apres Ski: great
Best powder period: March - April
POW: ****

Fresh Powder visited Zermatt and what a fairytale village this resort is! When talking about a winter wonderland resort then Zermatt fits the picture. Located below the impressive Matterhorn and surrounded by the most mountain tops above 4000 meters in Europe (38) this is a destination you have to have on your bucket list. In Zermatt you can find it all: great powder, fast slopes, the longest decent in Europe (25 km), many great restaurants and a steep black run right under the characteristic top of the Matterhorn and a vibrant night scene during the holiday season.

Traveling to Zermatt
Zermatt can be reached by car or by train. Since the village itself doesn’t allow cars in the town you have to park the car in a neighboring village just 20 minutes away. From this town, Täsch, you are able to take a train connexion into Zermatt. When you arrive in the centre, there are many small electrical golf car cabbies that are able to transport you and all your gear to your hotel or apartment.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Zermatt than you can find a lot of accommodations on the site of the Zermatt Tourist office. Since the town is popular during summer & winter you won’t have any trouble finding a nice hotel or apartment. On average the prices are more expensive than those of other European ski-destinations. But Zermatt is worth every penny.
The village has a unique Chalet Victorian style mix and vibe to it. The town breathes a historic and authentic atmosphere and either with clear skies or heavy snow Zermatt breathes a romantic athmosphere.

Skiing & Boarding
For the ones with razor sharp ski’s Zermatt has a lot to offer. You will find a lot of red and black slopes in Zermatt and the resort also has a lot of parts suited for freeriding for which the ski region is very much suited. For the real experts (who can afford it) heliskiing is also an option.

For the beginners Zermatt offers a separate pass: The Wolli pass. This pass gives access to all the beginner slopes marked with an L and is less costly than the full pass. If you’re not a beginner but still not able to do 350 km in one week. Don’t worry. The ski region is build up from an Italian part and a Swiss part, so you can limit yourself to the Zermatt side of the region.

Next to the free ride possibilities and the challenging slopes, Zermatt also has a fun park for snowboarders or freestyle skiers who would like to practice their tricks.

Zermatt is also one of the few destinations in Europe that provides all year round skiing on the glacier.

Schools & Guides
In Zermatt you can find the official Swiss ski & snowboard school, but also alternatives like the local school „Stoked” or „European Snowsport” If you would like to book your lessons in advance, check the tourist office for more information. For guides to check out Zermatt’s backcountry, visit the Zermatt Alpincentre.

On the Swiss and Italian side you are able to find a lot of nice restaurants next to the slopes. On the Swiss side they are a bit more expensive but do offer a wonderful view on the Matterhorn. You can find everything on the Swiss side from Salmon from Alaska to local dishes. On the Italian try original Italian pasta en pizza or the cuisine in the village Cervinia on the other side of the Matterhorn. Stopping for a real cappuccino is always a good excuse to ski or board to the Italian side.

Zermatt is a high quality destination and that also applies for the nightlife. You will find nice bars in the Hotels or can rock in places like the Papperlapub where you will find a bar and a nightclub. If you are still in after visiting the Papperlapub…Check out T-Bar, Grampy’s or Hotel Post.

Have you been in Zermatt or Cervinia? What is your opinion about this ski resort?

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