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Fresh Gear: How to buy a snowboard

Even more then with skiing snowboarding has many variations in different kind of boards you can buy. So when you want to make the step and buy your equipment? What are the things you should pay attention too?

  • Length of your board
There are many discussions about the length you should choose when you purchase your first snowboard. The perfect length is decided by your weight, your length, your style of boarding, your preferences and of course your level. So without making it difficult, what are the ground rules?

Smaller boards:
The smaller boards are more mobile than bigger and longer boards. In other words they make turning easier. So if you like to hang out in the park all day, or when you are a beginner a smaller board is more suited for you. Because it will make you able to respond in turns faster and easier. Usually smaller boards are also less stiff and more flexible than longer and bigger boards. Which will help you correct the board if you make a wrong move in your freestyle or first run.
Smaller (flexible) boards are suited for freestyling and if you are beginning to learn how to snowboard.
Smaller boards are less suited for backcountry boarding or if you are planning to take your board on regular race adventures.

Longer Boards:
Bigger isn’t always better in snowboarding. When you are a freestyler, a longer board will give you less mobility which won’t benefit showing off your tricks in the park. Also it won’t benefit you learning how to board when you are a beginner.
But when you are a fan of big fresh pow, or if you like speed, a longer board is probably the best choice. Longer boards will give you more float, and longer stiffer boards will give you more stability and speed while racing.
So longer more flexible boards are more suited for freeriding and longer stiffer boards more suited for racing. When you are a beginner of a freestyle boarder, stay away from these big boys.

It’s personal
Of course these aren’t set rules which you have to follow. You should see these as guidelines. Our advise it to rent different boards on your next trip. And feel the differences and see what’s best for you until you know what is right before you decide to buy a board.

2. Different technologies for different types of riders

In snowboarding there are a lot of technologies that will make choosing a board more difficult. That is why we have divided the different categories by the type of boarder you are to make the choice a bit simpler. Just like with the length. These are just guidelines. Try the different technologies and see what suits you best.

‘New rider’
The technologies suited best for you are ‘zero camber’, ‘ jib rocker’ and ‘all mountain freestyle rocker’.

Try out the ‘Jib rocker’

You like to cruise and ride everything you come across? Then a board with ‘all mountain freestyle rocker’ is the choice for you.

‘Experienced rider’
Looking for all mountain versatility? Take a look at the ‘performance rocker’ and ‘all mountain freestyle rocker’

‘Intermediate to advanced rider’
You like an aggressive and fast ride? Stick to the ‘traditional camber’

‘Powder Freerider’
You like to head into the fresh pow? Try out a ‘powder rocker’

So what is what?

Camber is the traditional technology for ripping corduroy and hardpack. If you are an aggressive boarder then Camber will provide you stability and push your boards tip and tail down against the hardpack. Making sure you won’t lose control at high speeds. This also makes this technology suitable for a board you would like to purchase for park tricks.

Snowboard Camber

Zero Camber
With zero-camber your board will touch the snow entirely because of a flat press. This provides more stability than with camber, won’t be as fast, but great to learn snowboarding on until you get more comfortable to move to the next best thing for you.

Snowboard zero camber

Jib Rocker
You like to take a few rails a day while boarding? A board with Jib Rocker technology will benefit you. Jib Rocker technology is recognisable by providing zero camber between your bindings and rocker outside your bindings, giving you more stability on the rail and making sure you can still pressure the nose or tail.

Snowboard Jib Rocker

All Mountain Freestyle Rocker
These are great in the park and on fresh powder days. They provide rocker from between the feet. Making them suitable for free-styling, buttering down the hill or ripping powder in a regular and swift way. Although they don’t provide the same stability as a blend between camber and rocker provides.

Snowboard All mnt Freestyle Rocker

Performance Rocker
This is when All Mountain Freestyle Rocker and Traditional Camber get a baby. You get performance rocker. A board with energy and control but with a rocker feel. Making you able to board on hardpack but also dive into some pow. The perfect all mountain blend.

Snowboard Performance Rocker
Powder Rocker
The backcountry board. Powder Rockter is designed specifically for directional powder riding. Providing you a great ride in fresh powder and giving you accuracy at the same time. They have noses that won’t take a deep dive. So your perfect choice for the deep powder days.
Snowboard Power Rocker

In the end you will have to make it your choice. But if you take this info along in your head, try some boards out, it will sure make the choice easier and a lot harder for sales people to talk you into a board that won’t suit you.

Happy Riding!

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