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Persistent Slab Avalanches

In the Western & Swiss Alps there was a lot of talk about a persistent weak layer in the snowpack. Increasing the risk (since snow has finally arrived in large quantities) for large Slab Avalanches. But how to understand this problem a little bit better and how to avoid this risk during your own backcountry skiing. The Utah Avalanche Center has made a really interesting video explaining this phenomenon and how to reduce your risk in encountering it.

Persistent Slab Avalanches from Trent Meisenheimer on Vimeo.

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Safety Tips for Driving in Snow


Depending on the way you approach it, driving in the rather unreliable snow of the Alps can either be a pure joy or an unmitigated nightmare. In any and all instances though it’s inevitably a more dangerous pursuit than hitting the average tarmac motorway, so it’s important to have your wits about you. Continue reading...

Live to ride powder another day: snowsafety

You’re waking up in your favorite mountain resort to see a cloudy sky from outside your window. Sleep still in your eyes, you're trying to make out the conditions for today. And guess what? The mountain is getting pounded with fresh pow this morning. While for some people this might be reason to explore the village, for you it is a clear sign to rush to the lifts and get first chair and set some first tracks. Perfect conditions for freeriding! But while getting out on the slopes doesn’t involve a lot of risk, going out of the patrolled area to score fresh tracks can be very dangerous and lead to deadly accidents. While going out on the slopes is just as risky as playing a match of football, freeriding can be just as dangerous as skydiving. You can trigger an avalanche, fall in a crevasse or get lost and get undercooled. So how can you minimize the risk out of bounds and what are the safety measures you should be taking?

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Powder Chasing Diaries – Gunning For White Gold

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know there’s little in the world more annoying than hearing about a sudden and quite monumentally sexy power hit taking place in a resort that’s just too far for you to get to by now. If you’d had your wits about you a few hours ago then maybe, but now – no chance!
Well, the good news is there are ways and means to make sure this doesn’t happen too often during your trip to the Alps – dozens of trials and dozens more errors have helped me reach a few conclusions I’d be happy to share with you. Seriously – if you’re out to make the very best of the best powder when and where it’s dumped, these are the tips you need to know!

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