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Live to ride powder another day: snowsafety

You’re waking up in your favorite mountain resort to see a cloudy sky from outside your window. Sleep still in your eyes, you're trying to make out the conditions for today. And guess what? The mountain is getting pounded with fresh pow this morning. While for some people this might be reason to explore the village, for you it is a clear sign to rush to the lifts and get first chair and set some first tracks. Perfect conditions for freeriding! But while getting out on the slopes doesn’t involve a lot of risk, going out of the patrolled area to score fresh tracks can be very dangerous and lead to deadly accidents. While going out on the slopes is just as risky as playing a match of football, freeriding can be just as dangerous as skydiving. You can trigger an avalanche, fall in a crevasse or get lost and get undercooled. So how can you minimize the risk out of bounds and what are the safety measures you should be taking?

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