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Gear review: Armada AK JJ


The weather forecast was good. It would snow between 30cm - 60 cm during the weekend in the Spanish mountain resort Baqueira - Beret. The perfect conditions to put the Armada AK JJ to the challenge! Hence our review of the Armada AK JJ.

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Powder Chasing Diaries – Gunning For White Gold

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know there’s little in the world more annoying than hearing about a sudden and quite monumentally sexy power hit taking place in a resort that’s just too far for you to get to by now. If you’d had your wits about you a few hours ago then maybe, but now – no chance!
Well, the good news is there are ways and means to make sure this doesn’t happen too often during your trip to the Alps – dozens of trials and dozens more errors have helped me reach a few conclusions I’d be happy to share with you. Seriously – if you’re out to make the very best of the best powder when and where it’s dumped, these are the tips you need to know!

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