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About Fresh Pow

Fresh Pow is a blog site about free ride skiing, snowboarding, ski resorts, living healthy and about sharing cool experiences.
This blog is about discovering what the world has to offer for snowboarders, skiers, about meeting new people and sharing discoveries.
Next to Fresh Pow, which is meant to be an international blog, there is also Verse Poeder. Which is the Dutch equivalent to Fresh Pow.

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If you have a passion for snowboarding, skiing, freeriding and you can't wait to get out there when there is Fresh Pow. And you want to share your passion and are able to write it down in a blog. Please contact Fresh Pow by clicking here.
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About the blogger

The last couple of years, after meeting a lot of interesting people who shared their passion for free riding with me, I started freeriding myself and became more addicted to the mountains, skiing, snowboarding and the freedom it brings, then before. I've moved closer to the mountains (Pyrenees) to be able to enjoy as much powder as possible.

During summer and fall I train a lot to stay in shape for coming winter when I try to freeride with friends and new friends as much as possible. And with this blog I want to share my passion with the world!
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